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Senior Business Development Manager

Lead Solution Design – SaaS development and UX design, innovating next-generation people matching and analytics platform. Lead building sales organization and customer onboarding processes.

A next-generation SaaS solution for workforce planning and performance management. Mission: connect vision to a successful business plan by developing disruptive performance management solutions, matching strategies, and assignments with people's capabilities, and providing competitive insights to increase competitive advantage.

Key Achievements:
• Business Innovation and Business Development aimed at sustainable growth.
• Business Analysis, Market Strategy, Marketing & Partner Sales, Solution Sales
• Fundraising and Investor Relations
• Compiled research data and gave professional presentations highlighting finds and recommended optimizations.
• Managed product roadmap and quality assurance program
• Developed team communications, preparing and presenting information for strategic and operational meetings.
• Collaborate cross-functionally with reference groups, development teams, UX design teams, and other multinational teams to maintain a consistent message, quality, and experience.
• Developed and implemented marketing strategies and fully integrated campaigns providing solutions to meet enterprise accounts' demands.
• Communication with product development teams to enhance products based on customer data.
• Researched and identified opportunities for account growth, account penetration, and market expansion.
• Coordination of initiatives and strategies to accomplish objectives and boost long-term profitability.
• Created reports and presentations were detailing business development activities.
• Managed client acquisition initiatives and strategy.
• Established relationships with key decision-makers within customer organizations to promote growth and retention.

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