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We seek to work with the best, where ever they are, together as a team.

We’re a community of diverse talent with ordinary and extraordinary backgrounds in technology, development, solution architects, business transformation, management consulting, and business design.

Our Story

Every company has a story, and ours started long ago with founders in the same business. Some as employees, and others are already working as consultants. Today, we are unified by the need for a purpose and working with people we like and bring out the best of us. 

With NeroRosso as a foundation, we can bring our skills and expertise into new ventures and project consultants. We are joined together by a need to make a difference, make the most out of our experience and give back some to startups and new ventures.

​We care about creating a working environment where we can strive and sparkle, creating an impact that lasts.

We believe in people!


People can do amazing things. They can move mountains, and they make companies grow. At NeroRosso, we are a team of people who share this philosophy. Together we create an environment that releases people’s potential for business success.

We co-create & co-invest


We strongly believe in collaboration and co-creation with our clients and within our team. We get a deeper understanding of business ambitions, challenges, and unique strengths through ongoing dialogue.


Part of a larger network

To stay on top of our game and up to speed with future trends, we all are part of a larger network; together, we are some fantastic people, we reach genuinely unique people and skills. 

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