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NeroRosso is a venture studio that helps turn ideas into successful businesses through expertise, innovation, and talent.

We love diversity and embrace all, and maybe you have a background in technology, solution architecture, strategy, or business design. 

Our dream is to help people and organizations succeed with their most significant change initiatives to turn plans and ambitions into reality. To move forward, improve, and create sustainable results.

We work with people with cutting-edge Business Transformation, Business IT, Development, and Architecture expertise. In collaboration, we need to get to know each other so that we can work closely with each other and, in the best way, understand the strengths of everyone of us.

Are you curious to hear more about being part of NeroRosso, cooperation, and partnership? We are happy to meet personally to get to know each other and tell you more about how we work.

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We ❤ Open Applications
We love open applications – they don’t go to some mysterious black box, never to be seen again. We always have our eyes open for talented and passionate people to join our teams—Let's connect and explore what the future brings.

We believe in people!

People can do amazing things. They can move mountains, and they make companies grow.



At NeroRosso, we are a team of people who share this philosophy. Together, we create an environment that releases people’s potential for business success.

We’re a diverse talent community with ordinary and extraordinary backgrounds in Technology, Development, Solution Architects, Management Consulting, and Business Design. 


We care about creating a working environment where we can strive and sparkle, making a lasting impact.

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Are you rasing pre-seed, or seed?

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