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Business Development Nordics - Swiss HR Tech Company

Company and product representative - People-Analytix gives you the power to understand the capabilities of your employees quickly, identify skill gaps, and suggest suitable candidates to help drive your company forward.

Award-winning HR Tech and strategic workforce technology platform identifies and improves employee skills, adds employability, and supports career planning. Mission to establish company brand and solutions in the Nordics, advising and execution go-to-market planning and tactical plan, international sales in the Nordic countries; develop market strategies, social media campaigns, and content; advise on corporate sales strategy and growth planning, and plan and execute market events.

Key Achievements:
• Advising and assisting management in establishing brand and company in the Nordics, supporting the market, and identifying market opportunities.
• Successful event management and planning (HR Days Sweden) and post-event activities
• Successfully setting up meetings with key stakeholders and C-level at target accounts.
• Set, enforced, and optimized internal policies to maintain efficiency and responsiveness to demands.
• Cross-functional sales

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